Windsurf lessons

Trial hour

A free windsurfing trial hour for newcomers takes place at the Fanatic Center every Monday at 10.30am!

Basic course

In our basic windsurfing course, you will be taught with the most accessible and effective methods. We will take you step by step from your very first time on a board to windsurfing independently. The same can be done with Cat sailing, and your safety and fun remain a constant factor in all of our lessons. All Basic courses include theory sections, learning of priority rules, safety rules and weather, and all courses can be completed if you wish to, with an internationally recognised VDWS license.

Additionally each student can profit from some equipment and get some extra practice time outside the lessons in order to improve further and have even more fun windsurfing with us !

Kiddy course

Advanced lessons

The intermediate training offers you the chance to optimise what you have already learned, but also to learn new energy-saving techniques, such as the beach start or the jibe.

Privat lesson

This type of course is on a one-to-one basis, you and your instructor, for maximum efficiency and the steepest possible learning curve. The content of each hour is tailored to your level and goals for guaranteed success. An absolute must!