Cat lessons

Trial hour

Every monday at 12.00 we offer a free trial hour for all who are interested in getting to know the catamaran!


An instructor will introduce you to the catamaran and give you a first insight into important topics about sailing the cat!


Also, if you have any questions concerning the courses or the boat, feel free to ask at any time!

Basic course

The basic course lasts 10 hours. Usually, 2 hours per day distributed over a week. The course consists of theory and practice on the water. Step by step you will be introduced to the world of catamaran sailing and we will provide you with the knowledge to independently and safely sail a catamaran.

Junior Basic course

The Cat Junior course is for Kids from 7-12 years old. The aim of the course is beside learning how to sail a boat, also to become acquianted with dangers of wind and water. Our Junior course is playfully organised and primarily for the Kids to have fun.

Newcomers course

For sailors or windsurfers who already have a basic understanding of sailing, we offer a 4 hours course to build up your knowledge and to strenghten your ability to safely sail a catamaran!


We also offer catamaran trips for those who do not necessarily want to attend a course, but still want to enjoy the experience of sailing on a catamaran.


On of our instructors does the sailing and you and your family enjoys the adventure! Depending on the wind conditions, it is not unusual to see turtles near the surface when they come up to take a deep breath of air!


If you are interested in booking a 2 hours excursion we also offer to take you to a beautiful beach bar, called TamTam where you can have a drink!