Kite lessons

Free Trial hour

Every monday from 13.30-14.30 o'clock we offer a free trial hour for kitesurfing for all who are interested!

In our free trial lessons you'll get a well structured insight into kitesurfing! Starting off with a theory part is important so that you understand how to keep the kite in the air!


Afterwards you'll already make your first experiences with a small kite. Don't worry, its a training kite that is easy to handle! And of course one of our instructors is always by your side if something tends to go wrong.

First experiences with the training kite!
First experiences with the training kite!

Basic Course

Kiteaction right in front of the Fun2Fun station, Marmari
Kiteaction right in front of the Fun2Fun station, Marmari

The basic kitesurfing course is split up over 10 hours. Our instructors will teach you how to safely start and control the kite and then of course how to speed over the water!


Depending on the wind conditions different kite sizes are being used. So don't be afraid - we've got the right kite sizes at our station for every windspeed!

Structur of a beginner course:


Hours 1-2

Theory part about kiting: wind window, equipment, safety system, setting the kite, training kite


Hours 3-4

Bodydrag, Upwindbodydrag


Hours 5-6

Upwindbodydrag, Waterstart


Hours 7-10

Waterstart, start riding


The courses are always in a group of 2, that means, 2students, 1kite, 1instructor.


Advanced Course

Fun2Fun kiteinstuctor in ction!
Fun2Fun kiteinstuctor in ction!

Depending on your skill level we design the lessons so they perfectly meet your needs! 


So if you want to improve your jumping technique or just looking for a quick refresh lesson to get to know the material and the spot - then this lesson is perfect for you!


Leave Kos with some nice new tricks!