Our spot is risk-free! No reefs, no currents and no nasty creatures or rocks!

The most frequent wind direction is N, NW and W.

We have a 50-60 meter long sandbank which is quite shallow, and this, coupled with the gentle morning 2-3 Bft breeze provides optimal conditions for windsurfing beginners, as well as for catamaran sailing.

Frequently in spring (May/June) and in autumn we have 4-5 Bft thermical winds from west (sideshore) in the afternoon. During this time, our Fun2Fun West center is located perfectly. Since the water is relatively flat, the conditions are great for both kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing. 


Picking a sail around 6.2 and larger, depending on your skill level, will put you into planing in no time!

Between end of May and middle of June the first northern winds arrive. After that, about one week later, the well-known wind of the Aegaen Sea, the Meltemi, starts blowing.

Thanks to the funnel effect created by the two islands located off of our beach, Kalymnos and Pserimos, the wind is reinforced where the stations are located.

On strong Meltemi days we use sails from 4.2 until 5.3 and kites from 6 until 9.


Outside you can get waves up to 1,7m, very nice for jumping or learning the basics of backside waveriding.

The Meltemi comes at irregular intervals and can give us up to five days of continuous joy all over the summer.

During July and August the winds usually blows with 4 to 5 Bft. Sometimes the wind is stronger about 100m offshore . Then we recommend to start from our Fun2Fun East center to beat upwind easily at a single blow for about 200m and have fun outside.


The cross onshore wind creates a small shorebreak that remains easy to pass for experienced wind- and  kitesurfers.


Of course we can never guarantee 100% strong wind, also not in July and August. In periods of weak wind we offer you free of charge “lightwind freestyle” lessons to learn some tricks and moves that you can improve when the wind is stronger again.


We have a Baywatch tower, and a rescue boat that is ready at all times: we take your safety very seriously.